Project 2




Somewhere deep in a sandy desert sit Clemmy and Cash, two redundant cowboys sitting at a bar, watching the world go by and considering what it would be to live a different life. They sit on these stools everyday and everynight. Nestled somewhere between pop songs, shoot outs, line dancing and autobiographical confessions, Clemmy and Cash attempt to host a per-formative sequence on their never ending terminal love for liquor.


With the support of Battersea Arts Centre, Vjera Orbanic (Croatian) and Shanna Breen (Irish) wondered what it would be to explore alcohol per-formatively. We set out to create a show that would truthfully examine the electricity of that ‘party felling’ but at the same time expose the bleakness of heavy drinking. POPSKULL is a live autobiographical exploration into the two drinking cultures of our home societies in 2016.


 ‘It was like laughing and dancing on top of a stool – until you fall.’ BAC Feedback


POPSKULL is a devised duet that sits at the intersection of dance, theatre and live art. The show does not take any linear narrative, it is a composition built up of many repetitive fragments of text and tasks. Throughout the show Vjera and I drink whiskey live on stage while these moments unfold. As the show continues these repetitive fragments and tasks deteriorate due to our consumption of alcohol. We cannot predict what will happen, as the underlying form of repetitive looping and the interaction with alcohol allows for an element of chance, which generates a unique result each time POPSKULL is performed. To date the show has been described as ‘hilarious’, ‘tragic’, ‘fun’, ‘absurd’ and ‘affecting’.